Rejuvenate Your Muscles with EMS Training in Bracknell, Berkshire

It is very important to build up and maintain the strength of your muscles to live a long, happy, and comfortable life. Noxcuse in Bracknell, Berkshire, boasts highly effective EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) training so you can achieve the results you want. With our concentrated muscle training, you can have a significant influence on your health and well-being.

Make the Most of Your Workouts

It is your muscles that:

  • Allow You to Move
  • Support and Relieve Your Joints
  • Determine the Metabolic Rate of the Body
  • Lead in the Supply of Nutrients and Oxygen
  • Have a Significant Influence on Your Health and Well-Being

So, it makes sense to look after them as best you can. Not because it’s aesthetically pleasing, but because your muscles have a decisive influence on your health overall.

EMS training is a full body muscle training system that uses currents. With this type of training, electrical impulses are utilised to enhance muscle contractions that are produced naturally in the body.

Also, EMS makes it possible for you to work out effectively and healthily in just 15 to 20 minutes. By using this medically improved training technology, you can reach your goals quickly. These may include:

  • Weight Loss
  • Muscle Building
  • Stamina Building
  • Improved Health for Your Back and Joints


To gain a better understanding of Amplitraining™, you must learn how your body normally activates the muscles. So, in order for you to move, muscular activity is needed. In our bodies’ control centre, the brain sends electrical impulses via the nervous system to the respective muscles.

It is natural for our body to trigger muscular activity using electrical impulses. Amplitrain has copied this natural body principle of the electrical muscular activation. With Amplitraining, you can work out and revitalise your body intensively and effectively in just 20 minutes.

Highly Effective Muscle Training

The key to this is a high-quality current MMF (modulated medium frequency). With this new form of current muscle training, this can be made possible in 3 different ways:

With neuromodulation, the nerve pathways that serve as carriers are the electrical signals. The motor nerves in the depths of the body are also reached and more and more muscle groups can be addressed. This works especially for when you can only work out with difficulty when using conventional methods.

The second possible way to strengthen your muscles with Amplitraining involves a real revolution in EMS training. Modulated medium frequency can activate the muscles directly without irritating the nerves. The myo-modulation of the current is a comparatively gentle but especially effective physiological method of muscle training.

Lastly, the digital technology of the Amplitrain can also combine neuro and myo-modulation. This combination also increases the effects of the workout and makes the accurate adjustment of the training possible as well as meeting the training objectives. With muscle impact and the use of the Amplitrain current produces a quasi-physiological activation of the muscles. That means the targeted muscle contractions equal the contraction produced by the body itself.


MMF has a further positive effect: the activation of cells. The current has a particular influence on the cell membranes as well as a positive effect on the cellular metabolism. The cells of the body, with an improved supply of blood, can consequently absorb nutrients and oxygen in the best way possible to regenerate themselves. Thanks to the improved metabolism, your body can regenerate itself more quickly, become more efficient, and stay young and agile.

Get in touch with Noxcuse in Bracknell, Berkshire, for more information about EMS training and also muscle training in general.